Please note there has been a 10% increase in prices while we update our pricelist

Pure Butter Traditional Biscuits R140.00
Chocolate Mix Biscuits per 50 R180.00
Lint Choc Biscuits per 50 R225.00


Assorted small cakes (Variety below) R15.00
Round Sponge Decorated with Fresh Fruit in Season
Red Velvet Cups
Mocca Cups
Tar Baby
Choc Eclair
Black Forest Cups
Peppermint Eclair
Snowballs with Fresh cream in Centre
Pastry Horns
Small Cheese Cake Tartlets
Small Fruit Tartlets
Lemon Meringue Tartlets
Caramel Cups
Banana & Caramel Cups
Chocolate or Vanilla Cocktail Devonshire
Custard & Fresh Cream Pastry
Cocktail Choc Mousse, Strawberry Mousse
Ring Ganache
Fruit Boats
Banana Eclair

Glitter Ice Cups R9.00
Small Milk Cups & Apple Crumble R15.00
Semi High Peak Ice Cup R10.50
Assorted HertsogiesDate & NutPink & BrownJam & Coconut R7.50
 French Macaron (Assorted Flavours) R12.00
 Assorted Muffins R6.00
 Lamingtons – Raspberry & Chocolate R5.00
 Assorted Pastry Bites R7.00
 Cocktail Jam & Coconut Tarts R7.00
 Custard Danish + Apple T/Over R9.00
 Cocktail Chelsea Buns R7.00
 Scones + Rock Buns R6.00
 Cocktail Pies – Mince, Chicken DelightSteak Basket R10.50
 Cocktail Quiche:
– Feta, Tomato, Spinach, Mushroom
 Quiche – Medium R105.00
 Quiche – Large R165.00
 Cocktail Sausage Rolls R10.50
 Large Pies – Assorted Flavours R26.00
 Small Pecan Tarts  R24.00
 Large Pecan Pies  R190.00
(golf ball size donuts dipped in icing)
 Ring Donut (dipped in coconut) R4.50
 Twisty 3 R5.00
 Traditional Koeksisters Cocktail R4.50
 Fresh Cream or Custard Donuts R11.50
 Individual Desserts – Assorted R11.50
 Kiddies Party Packs R12.00
Iced Cup Cakes R9.00

Miniature Logs R40.00/ R50.00
Miniature Cakes R45.00/R50.00
Chocolate and Vanilla Logs – Variety of Fillings R285.00
Chocolate and Ganache Logs – Variety of Fillings R310.00